nascer-do-solWelcome to our Company !!!

We are the Starllupy Commercial !!!
We want to be your ray of sun rising on the horizon!

We have a large experience and technical knowledge for the benefit to your business !!!
We are a Brazilian Commercial Exporter, Importer and
Consultancy in International Business that works to Supply all Customers needs regarding to foreign business process as a Consultancy and/or Partnership.

Be sure that we can help you in the following challenges:

  • Sourcing;
  • Marketing;
  • Foreign Trade Consultancy;
  • Trading Services as an Exporter and/or Importer;
  • Logistics;
  • General Transportation;
  • Air Freight Services;
  • Ocean Freight Services;
  • Inland Freight Services;
  • Customs Broker;
  • Many others finish good as a supplier.

So, please let us know your needs so that we can meet them fully ...

Thank you so much for your visit !!!

We are waiting for your fast and positive contact...


Starllupy Team


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